Sparkler Grass aka minature Umbrella plant ( Cyperus alternifolius gracilis )

This is a smaller version of the traditional umbrella plant. It is in the papyrus family.

It is a bog plant. I have it in the swale garden. So it wants to be in wet or at the very least damp soil.

It has browned a bit over the winter here. I have not watered much in the cool weather. It could be that or it could be from the cooler weather I am not sure.

It will grow to about a foot and a half tall.

It wants full sun, but this one has light shade and has done well.

Cold is not a problem, we had many cold nights well below freezing last winter and it’s no better or worse than it was any other year.

It has less tendency to seed so it is not as likely to take over your garden as are other plants in this family. Notice there are no seeds at the top center of the umbrellas. The ones that are invasive are the ones with the tiny brown seed clusters onto of the umbrellas.

This plant has done well, stayed put, but filled out and required little from me.  Every spring I cut it to the ground as about half the stalks brown up and die each winter.

If you want an easy water plant consider this one.

Survives extreme heat and drought