Ming Aralias ( Polyscias )

Ming Aralias is a very delicate, oriental looking plant. It can grow to four or five feet or it can be trimmed and kept small like a bonsai.

They want bright light and high humidity. I’ve had them grow just fine in low light and drier conditions, but you ‘ll get faster, healthier growth if you have it near an east or north window.

These can be grown in bogs, so it is OK to sit the pot in a dish of water ( ~1″-2″ deep ) as you would for a bog plant. The problem with sitting a house plant in water is bacteria. If you have your plant in water it is imperative you keep the water fresh. Do not let this plant dry out.

I find they grow slowly at first and pick up speed once they get comfortable in your home. This is a very low maintenance plant.

More Information:
Polyscias – Ming Aralias