How to remove a bird from your home

In the old house when a bird flew inside you could chase the bird into a room with a broom. You could then close the door, open the windows and go have coffee. When your coffee was done the bird would have flown out one of the open windows.

This house has an open floor plan. Three of the rooms have 20′ ceilings. Most of the windows are fixed. So the old plan wouldn’t work.

To make things more complicated the cardinal’s mate sat outside the window chatting with him. So he wasn’t about to leave the window.

Sister sent the following helpful message “Get the cat a bigger ladder”. That wasn’t helpful. Fred had already fallen off the ladder twice. The cats have already blown this years vet budget.

When we coaxed the cardinal to a lower plant shelf, Fred climbed up the ladder on to the shelf and decided it was time for a nap. Kazoo hid through the whole ordeal. So much for the cats chasing the cardinal out of the house.

I was able to borrow a pool net from a neighbor and we caught the bird, tossed a towel in the net on top of the bird to keep the bird in the net till we moved him outside. We were then able to bring the cardinal outside and let him go, apparently unharmed.