Ti plant, Hawaiian Good Luck plant ( Cordyline terminalis )

There are about 20 species of cordylines which are part of the agave family. These are some of the more colorful houseplants you’ll find. These are slow growing plants. So purchase a good sized plant.

Provide high, direct light, so a south facing bright window is wanted. The better the light, the better colors you’ll get in your leaves.

Keep the soil moist to keep this plant happy, and give it as much humidity as you can. It can be sensitive to fluoride. So use bottled water to water it. If you give it too much fertilizer the colors will dull.

This is one of the better air cleaning plants. It can reach as tall as five feet.

Not to worry about this plant losing its lower leaves, they do that even in the wild.

Brown tips on this plant mean salt build up, repot and be sure to let water run out the bottom of the pot a couple of minutes each watering. Spider mites may also bother this plant. Just wash them off with a bit of dish soap in water, then rinse.

It can be grown outside but will not survive freezing.