Peace Lily ( Spathiphyllum )

Peace Lily is an easy to care for plant that does an excellent job of air cleaning.

It can grow in medium or low light. The flowers will be whiter in a brighter light. Peace lilies who have too little light will not flower at all. If your peace lily flowers but the flowers are green rather than white then it needs a little bit more light.

Peace lilies like to go almost dry between waterings. When it wants water it will sulk, letting its leaves slump down, it can be quite dramatic about it. Peace lilies perk back up a few hours after being watered.

Some people put these plants in vases of water and put betta fish in the water of the vase. It is a beautiful way to grow both. Peace lilies make great indoor water garden plants. The betta fish will need food. They are meat eaters not plant eaters. Be sure to get betta food when you pick up the fish.

The tips of these plants will turn brown from salt damage, re-pot and let the water run through the pot and out into the sink when you water them.

Peace lilies contain calcium oxalate crystals that can cause your mouth to burn, difficulty in swallowing, nausea and skin irritation.  Be careful handling this plant and don’t eat it.

3 thoughts on “Peace Lily ( Spathiphyllum )

  1. The Peace Lilies, I unpot, shake off the dirt, then take a very sharp knife and divide them. You want a good size cluster of leaves and roots in each section. I then repot them in fresh pots and soil. They are easy if you use a sharp knife.

    On the Bird’s Nest Fern, I ‘d do it by spores.

    Take a little bit of soil, bake it in the oven at 350’ for a half hour or sterilize it by another method if you can find an easier one. Get the soil moist, you want it to form clumps in your hand but not have water dripping out. Put the soil in a very clean baggy, then the spores, then blow some air into the bag. Put it in a sunny spot and wait.

    Or put the soil in a clean sterilized pot, sprinkle the spores on top, cover with plastic wrap a couple of inches above the soil and spores and put in a sunny window. Use tape or an elastic to keep the plastic cover on tight.

    If you can keep it from molding or catching a fungus, ferns will grow. The most difficult part is keeping everything insanely clean until the ferns get going.

    Some people soak the seeds for 10 minutes in 10% bleach/90% water first as well.

    There are fungicides you can buy ( look for ones with copper in them ) to help with fungus.

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