Calatheas are fast growing foliage plants that clean the air by absorbing formaldehyde, trichloroethylene substances as well as auto exhaust pollution. One or two one foot plants can clean as much as 90% of the toxins from the air in an average size room.

Purple on the back sides of plant leaves tells you this plant will happily tolerate low light. These are prettier than most other foliage plants.

Each leave grows on its own stem forming a bush like plant, rosette style.

Calatheas prefer an east or north window. If you have a bright south or west window place them back from the window a few feet at least. They want bright light, but not direct light. In direct light the leaves are clear rather than green. In too little light they bend dramatically towards the light.

They like to stay moist, and like high humidity.

They also prefer to be warm all the time. Keep them away from drafts or draft windows. A nice humid not too sunny bathroom is probably your best location in the house for these plants.

Plant them in a humus rich potting mix for best results.

These make great office plants.