Windmill Palms (Trachycarpus fortunei )

2018, haven’t had a chance to trim off the branches from last winter yet
Late summer 2019

Windmill Palms are moderate growing, reaching full height in about 10 years. They will reach a height of 20′. This particular one is about 3 years old.

They will deal with full sun, part shade is preferred.

They will tolerate droughts once well established. Plant in March & April.  That said it loves and does especially well in wet areas.

As the palms grown dead fronds will lay down against the stalk. Some people leave them some remove them. Bats love to make homes in the dead fronds. So leave them if you like bats. If you remove them also watch out for bees that sometimes build hives under the leaves.

Not one of these came down during Ike in our neighborhood, they fared much better than the more traditional trees.

The cold winter of 2009-2010 did much damage to the local palm trees. Most of the local ones have had their all of leaves removed. But all of them put out new leaves at the top in March so I expect they will all do just fine.

Summer 2011 brought 3 months of temps over 100’F and no rain. The palm is holding its own.

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