Aglaonema aka Chinese Evergreen

{Emerald Beauty}

Aglaonema grows in the rain forests in south eastern Asia. This is a low light plant and great for cleaning pollutants out of the air. Place them in north, east or west windows. They will not tolerate direct sunlight. They also need warmth preferring temperatures above 75′. They will show damage at 55’F.

The plant in the picture is in a north-west window that is shaded partially by a porch that runs out next to the window. I missed getting a picture of it in bloom, it bloomed in the winter. The flowers are very much like those of peace lilies.

Keep it slightly dry, water when the soil is dry for about the top inch, but do not allow it to dry out completely. I fertilize about once a week with a fertilizer at about 1/4 strength. It will comfortably handle both dry and humid environments, but prefers humid environments.

Propagate these like you do an ivy plant. Cut off a stem of leaves and place the stem in a glass of water until roots appear. Then plant in soil. Keep the soil damp at first and gradually work up to treating it as you do your other Aglaonema.

This plant will grow to between 2′ and 12′ depending on conditions, but most will stay under 3′.

This is an excellent houseplant for the darker areas of your home.

Watch for root rot, mealy bugs and spider mites. I had no trouble with this plant, it is unlikely you will either.