Soldier’s Orchid (Zeuxine strateumatics L. Schlecter )

Soldier’s Orchid
Soldier’s Orchid

Sunday the sun came out and the temperature climbed not just over 50′ but clear up past 65′. I was able to get out into the garden and pull a few weeks and found this plant in several beds. Thanks to the experts at The Garden Web Forums I found out this is a Soldier’s Orchid.

Native to Asia it is now found here starting in Florida, and working its way over to Texas. It appears in December or January, blooms a couple of weeks and disappears till next year. It will re-grow from the roots and appear in a different location next year.

Considered by lawn fanatics to be a weed, gardeners know better.

These orchids failed to show in 2008 but reappeared in January 2009.